Stocking Stuffer – The Best Job Ever


I became my household’s official Stocking Stuffer at 1967. My father had died and my main fear was that Santa would neglect to come for both little brothers.

I heard sadness could be daunted by the delight of doing something key (and entertaining) to get somebody else. The amazed looks in my brothers’ faces convinced me that being the Stocking Stuffer is your best job ever.

There are a few strategies and ideas on for all those that are new to the occupation of Stocking Stuffer and for you pros in need of inspiration.

If your household hangs their stockings, be certain that the loop is sufficiently strong to hold a couple of pounds without even breaking.

Craft shows: decorations, jewelry, stuffed animals and dolls, artwork, wooden toys, aprons

Other winning thoughts: mind boggling puzzles, card games, deck of cards, auto games, picture frames, picture frames, harmonica, first aid kit, emergency blanket, small photo album,

3) To Wrap or Not to Wrap: This really is a personal taste. Since I really like to wrap gifts as far as I like being a stocking stuffer, it is a “no brainer.” Every stocking stuffer becomes just a tiny gift – even if it is a pack of chewing gum. Additionally, unwrapping gifts will impede a kid down and produce the magic a bit longer.

The Eye Catcher: You have to have something very good UNWRAPPED tucked to the very top of the stocking, roughly 30% observable. That is what the receiver sees while making her or his 15th visit to the toilet.

Cater for their hobbies. My brothers still get packs of card. I have a woman friend whose stocking constantly comprises a silly magic trick out of her daddy. I understand a husband who consistently embraces the large ticket item (bead rings, pearl necklace and tennis bracelet) in his wife’s stocking.